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Spanish courses in Valencia
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Groups are classified by level. So you will be placed in a group with students who share your same level of language proficiency. The groups consist of students of all ages and nationalities, We believe this produces a more interesting and educational environment.

We offer the following courses:

 >   10 lessons per week in a group
 >   20 lessons per week in a group
 >   20 lessons per week in a group + 5 individual lessons
 >   20 lessons per week in a group + 10 individual lessons
 >   DELE exam preparation course
 >   20 individual classes per week
 >   10 individual classes per week
 >  One-to-one courses are available on request

Class duration: 55 minutes
Class duration individual: 60 minutes
Minimum age: 16 years
Group size: 3 to 6 students (maximum 10)
Holidays: 25 Dec 01 Jan 19 Mar 19 Apr 22 Apr 01 May 24 Jun 15 Aug 09 Oct 01 Nov 06 Dec 25 Dec
Courses start every Monday. Click here for start dates for absolute beginners and DELE courses.

Intensive group lessons
The intensive 20 has 20 lessons per week in a group from Monday to Friday, so 4 lessons daily. The typical timetable is from 9.00 to 13.05 (including a short break), but lessons might be in the afternoon.

Alternatively there is the intensive 10, which is perfect for part time students or workers. You have full flexibility in blocks of 2 hour classes. So you can choose to have either 2 classes daily Monday to Friday or 4 classes on Monday and Wednesday and 2 classes on Friday. We’ll discuss your personal preferred schedule on the first day of your course and you can reschedule every week.

Classes are being put up by students level of Spanish. This way you will always be in a class with students which are of the same Spanish level as you are. Because of the small classes, the teacher can give individual support and classes are intensive. Besides the Spanish language, the country’s culture is an integral part of the Spanish classes in Valencia.

Intensive 20 + individual lessons
For a more intensive and personal learning experience you can take individual classes in combination with your intensive 20 group course, depending on the number of individual classes, the courses are called the intensive 20+5 or intensive 20+10 course. You have the benefit of deciding the subject-matter to be discussed during the individual lessons.

For example, you may choose to have your Spanish instruction emphasize Spanish use in a business environment or in another area of your choice like medical Spanish. In addition, you can also choose to dig a little bit deeper into grammar or work on your fluency in general. Because the individual classes are adjusted to your wishes and capacity, following this course make you learn Spanish faster. This course is recommended for anyone who wants to learn Spanish but have a limited amount of time.

DELE exam preparation course
During the DELE exam preparation course you will have 20 lessons in a group focussed to prepare you to the Instituto Cervantes official DELE exam. At the end of the course you can take part of the exam and if you passed, you will be handed the only internationally recognized certificate for the Spanish language. The exam is not included in the course price and should be requested more than one month in advance. The course ends on the Friday before the exam, giving you about a week to prepare yourself for the exam. For more information, please contact us.

Extensive group lessons
This course is designed for learners of the Spanish language who have a limited amount of time available and want to keep their budget low. Or if you just prefer to have classes in a group instead of individual classes. So if you’re an Erasmus student, business professionals or intern at a Spanish company, we have the perfect part-time Spanish course for you in Valencia.

If you choose the extensive 6, you have 6 lessons per week in a small group (3 session of 2 hours each). With the extensive 4 you'll have 4 lessons per week in a small group (2 session of 2 hours each).

Usually these sessions take place in the afternoon or evening, however the timetable varies per level Spanish (according to the European Framework of Languages). Just contact us to ask for the available timetables for your level. If you’re not sure about your level, we’ll send you a Spanish level test by email. The minimum course duration is 4 weeks.
(you won't find this course at the booking page, please contact us if you want to book this option)

One-to-one course
For those seeking and even more flexible and intensive experience, we recommend private lessons, the so called one-to-one course. You have the benefit of deciding the subject-matter to be discussed during the individual lessons.

If you come together with a friend who has the same level of Spanish, you can alternatively go for the individual lessons with one teacher and two students, called the one-on-two course.

Lesson timetable is flexible (Monday to Friday), depending on the availability. Rates vary in accordance to program selected, so please contact us for a quote on your personal customized course series.

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