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Activities in Valencia
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Enjoy our social programme
have fun with flamenco classes, chill out with yoga, enjoy great concerts.….[more]
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We strive to give our students the optimal balance between a good learning experience and some good fun abroad. Our school has a varied programme of activities which we offer besides the course programme. This way you have the possibility to come into contact with other students and enjoy Spanish culture. Some of the activities during the week are offered for free, others require a small contribution from the attending students. Weekend activities are usually a bit more expensive. These are some examples:

During the week:

Visit Valencia FC

Visit a match of Valencia FC in the great stadium together with your classmates.Cheer for our team!

Dinner at school

Make your own food, eat and drink together with your new friends in our premises. Lots of fun..

Yoga in the park

Enjoy yoga classes given by a professional teacher and get relaxed in the nice park Rio Turia.

During the weekend:

Daytrip to Xativa

Let us take you to wonderful Xativa, an hour from Valencia. The town sits at the foot of a large hill, literally in the shadow of its castle.

Visit village Alboraya

Vegetable gardens, thatched farmhouses and tiger nuts. The most genuine elements in the Land of Valencia decorate the scenery of this town.

Cultural tour Valencia

Explore the history and culture in the beautiful city of Valencia together with a guide.

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